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    Get ready for the ring with these Super Cute Treats inspired by some of our favourite brands!  "Now in the ring..."
    Included in this Set: A Saddle sporting Free Jump Stirrups, A Samshield Helmet, An Ogilvy Saddle Pad complete with a custom sugar paper number, A De La Coeur Bonett, and, of course, a Champion Ribbon!
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    Each and every one of us has a Unicorn so let's show them some love for the magic they create with these Super Cute AND Pretty Treats!
    Included in this Set: A Unicorn, a Unicorn Horn, a Sparkle Diamond, a Magic Wand, and 2 Silver Sparkle Sugar Mini Hearts.
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    Ready to celebrate a birthday?  Yours?  Theirs? This Super Cute set is perfect!  An XL Cake, a Party Hat, Party Numbers, a Nameplate and 6 of our Minis to share with the birthday boy/girl’s friends!  We fished each set in Pink or Blue!
    • Name
    • Colour
    • Party Numbers
    Are needed to complete the set Please Note:
    • This pack is time-sensitive, so when ordering please indicate when you need these delivered.
    • Design and colours may vary from photo
    • Colours, designs and consistencies may vary as items are handmade and no two items are alike
    If you would like to add a name, colour, party number(s), please leave these details in the comments at checkout or send us a message! Thank you!  
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    A DOT for a bath, a DOT for a walk, a DOT for a great round, a DOT anytime. These uniced Treats are the size of a quarter, and with 30 in a bag, you can keep them in your pocket. Like we like to say, “Super Cute Treats… Anytime!” “We love these! They are perfect for when training!” Qty. 30 per bag


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