Meet The Baker!

The Equine Bakery is the dream of a young rider, Kaya.

At 13 years old, Kaya’s entrepreneurial passion tested and tried a few ideas. Then, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and unable to buy Treats for her horse, she began baking her own.

Soon, she was being asked to bake for friends and a barn mom said, “You could sell these.” Almost two years later, The Equine Bakery is a thriving small business learning and growing every day.

Kaya believes that every rider should have access to affordable, Super Cute Treats. Her definition of success? “Happy equines” taken right from her business plan!

Today, The Equine Bakery bakes Super Cute Treats for riders worldwide! A long list of Super Cute large cut Treats tops her Menu. Signature Sprinkle Minis, Unicorns, DOTS!, Nameplates, the CELEBRATE! Pack and her Limited Edition Holiday Box Sets to ensure that there is something for everyone.

Kaya started riding in 2014, with a goal to never disappoint anyone. She brings this to her Bakery. You can always hear her saying “It’s all about supporting one another!”

Made with simple ingredients, never compromising, her Treats are sought after for events, fundraisers, sponsorship and retail opportunities but most of all, her Treats are for you and your horse.

“We have big dreams. We are having the best first year ever! What can we bake for you?”

“We say it a lot, and we mean it every time… Thank you!”

~ Kaya

Kaya has been a competitive equestrian for the last seven years, competing at both the silver and gold levels. Having shown in the hunter divisions for 4 years, she made the switch, with the support of her coach, to jumper ring! This year she is looking to show with her fabulous partner, Kodiak B. Kaya started high school online in September 2020 and works hard to find balance in all that she does.

Photo credits: Spowart/Holm Equestrian Photography

Yes! These are for horses!

We bake wonderful Treats for you and your equine partners.

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